Corporate Bookings


London Architecture Walks now enjoys an established reputation as a leading provider of tours for corporate and business clients. We have provided repeat walks and presentations for a wide range of international and UK-based companies, including architectural and non-architectural practices. A selection of some of our previous and current corporate clients is included below:

  • Chartered Institute of Builders

  • Ramboll Consulting Engineers (Norway)

  • Italian Construction Association (ANCE) Testimonial

  • Knight Frank Property Consultants

  • United Business Media, London

We are also happy to provide walks as part of Christmas or office events. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. 

Schools & Universities


London Architecture Walks has also provided scores of walks for educational institutions ranging from primary school pupils to university post-graduates. In the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games London Architecture Walks partnered with the Education Travel Group to become one of the biggest providers of educational tours of the Olympic Park site. London Architecture Walks therefore has extensive experience in distilling the essential points of London architecture and architecture generally in a manner that is accessible to either younger pupils or those studying architecture or a related subject at an advanced, specialist or vocational level. A selection of some of our previous and current educational clients is included below:

  • Imperial College, London Testimonial

  • University of Northampton, UK

  • Samford University, Alabama, U.S.

  • Syracuse University, New York

  • Rødding Folk High School, Denmark

  • Lycee du Batiment, Paris, France Testimonial

Walks outside London and the U.K.



London Architecture Walks has designed for a number of cities outside London and the United Kingdom. These include Liverpool England, Paris France and Aarhus and Copenhagen in Denmark. Although the bulk of our specialist knowledge relates to London, we are confident that, after the necessary research, our expertise in architecture can be applied to cities everywhere. Additionally we can also offer our the unique perspective of a comparative analysis with London to add a new dimension to the understanding of the host city in question. Contact us today with your international walk proposals. 

Lectures and presentations


Should the walking tour format not be suitable for your needs London Architecture Walks is able to provide expert speakers who can provide lectures and presentations on all matters relating to London architecture. This can be incorporated into a planned work event or can be tailored for educational or professional CPD requirements. Please contact us for details and further information.