Our Aim


London Architecture Walks is London's original dedicated architectural walks provider. We are committed to showing you the famous and hidden architectural wonders of the greatest city in the world. We offer a comprehensive package of guided walks for you to choose from, as well as the opportunity to create customised walks that suit your particular areas of interest. Each of our walks is scheduled at a time to suit you and with a practising architect as your own personal guide. 

Architecture for all


London Architecture Walks was established by London born and bred architect and leading architecture critic Ike Ijeh with the simple aim of bringing London's architecture to everybody. Although architecture surrounds us, both its buildings and profession it can sometimes seem distant and remote. But London Architecture Walks is determined to show you that architecture isn't just for architects, it's for you. You will learn everything you need to know about London's buildings on our walks but they aren't lectures, they're more like conversations. The format of our walks is welcoming, accessible and inclusive; you don;t by any means have to be an architect to attend and your opinion is no less valid than that of the architect leading your tour.

London may be immense but when you look closely it's a surprisingly 'human' city, which is why walking is the best way to experience it. London Architecture Walks is determined to bring you closer to these surroundings and we hope that whether you're a visitor or a local, our tours will will boost your understanding and appreciating of this magnificent city.

Not just about buildings...


We may be called London Architecture Walks but cities, (and architecture) aren't just about buildings and this especially applies to diverse and cosmopolitan London. What makes London really tick is something far more precious: urban character. So yes, our walks will show you all the buildings that have made London great. But they will also reveal all the other bits in between that contribute to London's unique character. These will range from public spaces, views and streetscapes to red buses, historical anecdotes and even music.

New and old


London Architecture Walks doesn't have a bias towards new or old buildings, we're interested in showing you all the buildings that have made London the dynamic world city it is today. London Architecture Walks passionately believes that what's important isn't whether a building is old or new, classical or modern, or even high-rise or low-rise.What is important is the contribution it has made to London and whether that contribution has been good or bad.