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London Architecture Walks

Our website will be relaunched in early 2016. We sincerely apologise to all our customers who have experienced difficulty with viewing or communication during this transition period. We're now fully operational & thank you for your patience & loyalty

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Architecture for ALL
London Architecture Walks was established by London born architect Ike Ijeh with the simple aim of bringing London's architecture to the masses. Although architecture surrounds us, it can sometimes seem elitist and remote. But London Architecture Walks is determined to show you that architecture isn't just for architects, it's for YOU! You will learn everything you need to know about London's buildings on our walks but they aren't lectures, they're more like conversations. The format of our walks is welcoming, accessible and inclusive; your opinion is no less valid than the architect's leading your tour so feel free to ask questions or share your own views!
London may be immense but when you look closely it's a surprisingly 'human' city, which is why walking is the best way to experience it. London Architecture Walks is determined to bring you closer to these surroundings and we hope that our tours will be a springboard to your exploring and appreciating this great city further in your own time.
Not just about buildings
We may be called London Architecture Walks but cities, (and architecture) aren't just about buildings and this especially applies to diverse and cosmopolitan London. What makes London really tick is something far more precious: urban character. So yes, our walks will show you all the buildings that have made London great. But they will also reveal all the other bits inbetween that contribute to London's unique character. These will range from public spaces, views and streetscapes to red buses, historical anecdotes and even music!
New & old
London Architecture Walks doesn't have a bias towards new or old buildings, we're interested in showing you all the buildings that have made London the dynamic world city it is today. London Architecture Walks passionately believes that what's important isn't whether a building is old or new, classical or modern, or even high-rise or low-rise. What is important is the contribution it has made to London and whether that contribution has been good or bad!
Download and print a .pdf of our latest leaflet here.